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This statement is effective from 1 July 2010

1. Our Adherence to Privacy:

Travel Chords always adheres to the privacy of the customers and it’s the greatest concern. The details of your contact shared while booking a holiday or any activities at Travel Chords will be fully secure and used only to process your inquiry. Any external source will not access these secured data of Travel Chords.

2. Our commitment to privacy

The members and customers of Travel Chords have to be aware that we fully believe that the privacy of you is our utmost importance. Theprivacy policy is relevant to show how we handle the personal information throughout our business. This privacy policy statement is applicable to all services rendered at Travel Chords or all products sold at Travel Chords. The privacy policy and terms of use will be updated time to time and the same will be online. Email to for further information.

3. Types of personal information we collect

The personal information collected by Travel Chords for inquiries are use only to furnish the confirmation vouchers. Only basic information about our customers and members are collected.

Some of the information collected by us:

  • Name, Address(es), Telephone number(s), Email address and other contact details
  • Holiday Package Type
  • Entertainment Package Type

4. How we collect information

We collect the personal information of members and customers online through our portals and the same could be used to update them with our special offers and newsletters (subject to terms & conditions).

5. Why we collect information

 We collect the personal information of the users only to process their type of inquiry placed at our web portals. We may advice them to look for productive and lucrative options on our list in case if they are not fully aware of our services. We also collect information of public who wishes to share their photo tourism online and their identity will be revealed (after their permission) on our portals when we display the same.

6. Advertisements with us

 We hold all rights to change the advertisement rules and regulations on our web portals and the same will be intimated to our clients who are already advertising with us. You can contact us to request for placing your advertisement on our web portal.

7. Contacting us

 If you need any clarification about the privacy policy statement of our firm or you wish to update with more information we are glad to receive your feedback. Write us to: or

Important Notification:

Terms and Conditions apply.

Room bookings are subject to availability.

  • Date of booking to 30 days before travel the cancellation charges will be 25% of the tour cost
  • 30 to 15 days before travel - cancellation charges will be 50% of the tour cost
  • 15 to 7 days before travel - cancellation charges will be 75% of the tour cost
  • 0 to 7 days before travel - cancellation charges will be 100% of the tour cost. No refund shall be given
  • Please Note: Cancellation policy is subject to change. It depends on the hotel policy.
  • In peak season (example: long weekends, festival season, summer vacation etc.) most of the hotels charge 100% cancellation.


  • Cancellation charges are applicable as per the Homestay/Hotel/Resort terms and conditions
  • If the cancellation is effected as per the terms and condition then the same will be initiated
  • The details of cancellation will be emailed and we adhere to the guidelines given by each hotel/homestay/resort
  • Every booking confirmation  will consist the applicable cancellation policy
  • The cancellation will remain ineffective if initiated after the holiday dates are expired
  • The cancellation will be escalated with reference to written email by the person who has booked/reserved rooms.
  • In some hotels/homestays/resorts there could be credit note with which you can avail the same holiday packages within given time frame.

General Cancellation policy by most hotels/homestays/resorts:

Please note: The figures mentioned are for reference only and each hotel/homestay/resort has its own terms.

  • No refund if cancellations is effected within 9 days prior to the check in date,
  • 75% refund will be issued for all cancellations effected between 10 and 15 days,
  • 90% refund will be issued for all cancellations effected beyond 15 days.
  • Rates are subject to change without prior notice .conditions apply


Any payment made for holiday booking/reservation/product/service made at the Travel Chords can be cancelled provided that falls within terms and conditions of the cancellation policy of hotel/homestay/resort/service provider.

  • The refund will be initiated after the approval by the hotel/homestay/resort.  
  • Travel Chords will can refund the payment if there has been a duplicate payment in error
  • Any request for refund of payment made by You to Travel Chords should be within stipulated time
  • There can be refund of payment in circumstances where there is computation error, printing error, filing error, filing delay, data leakage, security breach, data loss, or non-availability of product/service
  • The refund granted will be subject to verification of payment realized and after reduction of the taxes and/or finance charges as applicable (if any) for such transaction.
  • The refund of payment made for product/service is at the sole discretion of Travel Chords Team and the application will be received after thorough verification.

Terms of Use

  • Travel Chords solely owns all rights on its logos, contents, trademarks, designs...
  • The properties listing on both and are the same.
  • Unauthorised use of Travel Chords’ logos, content, designs... can be subject to copyrights violation.
  • All Trade Marks under Travel Chords are solely owned by Travel Chords Company.
  • Any third party using the copyrighted material can attract legal actions.